CV available on request

professors, porn stars, and missing persons

video installation, 8 minutes (looped)

In order to create this video, photographs falling into three distinct categories were researched and archived: professors, adult film actors, and missing persons. These three groups were selected because they each have distinct social positions, as well as visual indicators that we associate with the people who might belong to the respective categories.

In this installation, photographs from two of the three groups appear in 30-second intervals  one of the categories is intentionally left out during each cycle of images. The video plays without any textual indicators explaining the individuals group affiliation. As these photographs disappear, two more appear in a random combination. Given this knowledge, the viewer is left to ponder: to which groups do these two people belong? Which category is not represented? The viewer is prompted to decide, based on only the headshots of the individuals, where to place the people in the photos. While attempting to determine each persons affiliation, the viewers must ask themselves which visual signifiers they are reading in order to understand and categorize the faces before them, and most importantly, why we, as humans, feel the need for classification in the first place.

This project was inspired by Craig Dworkin.