CV available on request


two-channel video installation, 5 minutes (looped)

Pissip is a two-channel video installation. Videos on both monitors are edited so that a continual stream of water/fluid/piss flows into the mouth of the woman on the monitors. The arc of fluid actually breaks in some places  however the audio track is continuous, creating the perception of an endless stream. Further, swallowing sounds  completely fabricated  were added to the audio track, adding to the illusion of struggle, trauma, and endless gulping.

This video addresses the disconnect between the eye and ear; specifically, it asks questions about how we perceive art (or reality) and how we can trust our own senses to deliver what is real to us, especially when our brains continually fill in the gaps left by our senses. The woman in the video acts as a reverse fountain, which references Bruce Naumans masculine gesture in Self Portrait as a Fountain. While his gesture projects itself outward toward the viewer, the woman in the video reduces her actions to the ultimate psychobiological feminine gestures: swallowing, filling up, reclining, and laying passively.