CV available on request

I am Making Art Too

single-channel video, 3 minutes (looped)

This video addresses John Baldessaris 1971 video-performance piece, I am Making Art, with humor and scrutiny. The younger artist, Miller, brings Baldessaris tai chi-esque movements into contemporary times by transforming his original meditative gestures into breakdancing moves. Miller then inserts herself into the new video footage and dances around Baldessari. Missy Elliotts Work It backs up the new Baldessari-Miller collaborative dance. The three artists (Baldessari, Elliott, and Miller) form a new collaboration. The video approaches a variety of questions relating to:  womens roles in art history, artistic authorship, younger artists attempts at appropriation/homage, the nature of the artistic gesture in video art.

All I am Making Art  footage used with the enthusiastic permission of John Baldessari.